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Captain’s report on umpires

Captain's name:    
Team's name:    
  Team 1   Team 2
Match: V
Match status:

Section A

Please select the appropriate value to assess each umpire under each of the five headings below, with 10 being outstanding and 1 being poor.
  Umpire 1   Umpire 2
Umpire's name:  
Decision making:
Laws / PC's / G, W, L
Coping with pressure:
Teamwork / communication
Management of players:
Control of match / Involvement
Team's respect for umpire:
Relationships / image
Mark performance of umpire based on all umpires you know at this level

Section B

  Umpire 1   Umpire 2
List any strengths that were displayed by the umpires during this match:  
List any areas that you feel need to be developed further by the umpires:  

General guidelines for completion

Section A – assessment
Decision making:
9-10 All decisions correct including some very difficult ones.
7-8 Correct decisions. Benefit of doubt given when necessary.
5-6 Most decisions correct. Benefit given where there was doubt.
3-4 Some decisions obviously wrong. Not enough benefit of doubt given.
1-2 Some easy decisions obviously wrong. No benefit of doubt given.
Coping with Pressure:
9-10 Coped very well when subjected to extreme pressure by players.
7-8 Coped well when subjected to some pressure by the players.
5-6 Coped OK.
3-4 Needs better coping techniques when subjected to pressure by players.
1-2 Does not have the ability to cope at this level.
Management of Players:
9-10 Communicated very well. Decisive when dealing with unacceptable behavior.
7-8 Communicated well. Dealt with unacceptable behavior well.
5-6 Communication OK Dealt with unacceptable behavior adequately.
3-4 Communication not adequate. Did not deal with unacceptable behavior quick enough.
1-2 No communication Did not deal with unacceptable behavior.
Team’s respect for Umpire:
9-10 Commanded a high degree of respect from both teams and Captains.
7-8 Commanded respect from players.
5-6 Respected by most players.
3-4 Lost some respect because of inability to cope with pressure.
1-2 Very little respect from players because of inadequate decision making.
Please give a mark out of ten which, in your opinion, reflects the overall performance of the umpires.
Section B – comments

Please comment on aspects of the umpire’s performance in any of the assessments in Section A. Please indicate by comment if the umpire performed up to the required standard.

Note: Each umpire will be given feedback from this report indicating the strengths and weaknesses you have assessed. This report is vital to the process of providing quality information to each umpire to enable them to work at improving their performance.

Thank you for your input.


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