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Future Griffins Academy

For players Year 5 through to Year 13. The FGA has been developed to complement our “Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTADP). The focus of this plan is to develop athletes and highly skilled players who are capable of achieving their personal goals. 

The FGA will comprise of a 10-week program beginning on the 15th June 2020. Each player will be part of a small group comprising of no more than 6 players, with a coach training for one hour per week. The program will be specifically designed around your capability in an area of your choice, working with similarly skilled players to significantly increase you as a player.

Cost per session: $150 per player for 10 weeks. 

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  • Total: $150.00

    Terms and conditions


    We advise that:
    • Payment of the registration fee will be deemed to be acceptance of these Terms andConditions.
    • Places are limited and registrations will be on a first come first served basis.
    • Applicants will be advised if their registration has not been accepted. This will be at the discretion of the coaches.
    • Comfortable training gear
    • Drink bottle
    • Cricket gear
    • Comfortable training shoes
    • Any bullying or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and the coaches reserve the right to exclude any participant whose behaviour is deemed to be detrimental to the camp or other participants.
    • Should this occur, the Parent / Guardian named on the Registration Form will be contacted and they will be required to immediately remove the offending person.
    • Nelson Cricket reserve the right to cancel a session at any time. If a session is cancelled a new date at the same time with added to the program.
    6. MEDICAL
    • Nelson Cricket require any medical information that mat be relevant to them and or the coach.

    Playing sport at any level carries an inherent risk of physical injury. The coaches will take all reasonable measures to avoid any possible injury to any participant.
    • All players, participants, visitors, invitees, attendees and others attend the venue and take part in the activities at their own risk and shall hold harmless and indemnify the coaches and associates, from and against any and all liability of whatsoever nature.
    • The coaches do not accept any obligation, responsibility, liability for:
      • Loss, theft or damage to or of any personal belongings whatsoever
      • Loss, accident, illness, injury, death to or of any player, participant, visitor, invitee, attendee or other person at the camp (3) any matter or thing beyond their control.

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