Nelson Cricket
Nelson CricketNelson Cricket

Grounds and Facilities

Club Grounds

Botanics Sportsfield, Nelson City, Nelson

Victory Square, Nelson City, Nelson

Marsden Recreation Ground, Stoke, Nelson

Ngawhatu Sportsfield, Stoke, Nelson

Maitai Cricket Ground (MCG), Maitai Valley, Nelson

Jubilee Park South, Richmond, Tasman

Brightwater Domain, Brightwater, Tasman

Memorial Park, Motueka, Tasman


Junior Wickets, Including College Grades

Nelson College Broads, Nelson (Grass)

Greenmeadows, Stoke, Nelson (Grass)

Ngahwahtu Sportsfield, Stoke, Nelson (Grass)

Waimea College, Richmond, Tasman (Grass)

Ben Cooper Park, Richmond, Nelson (Grass)

Waimea Intermediate, Richmond, Tasman (Artificial) 

Henley Primary School, Richmond, Tasman (Artificial) 

Lord Rutherford Park, Brightwater, Tasman (Artificial) 

Upper Moutere Playing Fields, Upper Moutere, Tasman (Artificial) 

Riwaka Domain, Riwaka, Tasman (Artificial) 

Chings Road Domain, Motueka, Tasman (Artificial) 

Takaka Domain, Takaka, Tasman (Artificial) 

Golden Bay Area School, Tasman (Artificial)


Nelson City Council controls all grounds in Nelson City and Stoke region.

Phone: (03) 5460200 


Tasman City Council controls all grounds in Richmond and Tasman region.

 Phone: (03) 543 8400




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