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Busy Winter for Coaches

 With new guidelines put in place by New Zealand Cricket, every cricket team must have a registered and suitably qualified coach heading into the 2018/2019 season. With this being the case it has been an extremely busy winter for coaches in the Nelson Region.

With almost 100 teams looking to take the field this season, that means 100 coaches attending courses in the lead up to the season. In the past 3 months NCA have run an Advanced Foundation and Development practical module, which should achieve around 70% of the target set by NZC.

The Advanced Foundation involves the following:

  • The welfare of children and vulnerable adults’ online module
  • A 90-minute online module
  • A 3 hour practical module

A big congratulation to the 30 people that attend the course and have started on their coaching pathway, we look forward to supporting you throughout this season.

NCA are looking at running another Advanced Foundation practical module in the new year so if you are actively coaching or looking at getting into any sort of coaching, please contact Ryan Edwards on 027 5566 924 or 

New coaches registration link – – 

All the very best for this coming season.



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