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Female Development Officer – Claudia Green

Nelson Cricket recently announced the appointment of Claudia Green as Female Development Officer (FDO). Claudia began yesterday and will be with Nelson Cricket until the middle of February 2019. Claudia’s role will include the following:

Purpose of Position: To coordinate and implement strategies from the NCA and NCA Female Strategic Plans and deliver sustainable cricket educational programmes, on behalf of NZ Cricket, to the wider Nelson community. Ensure the continuing development and increased participation of female players and volunteers into the game.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement Nelson Cricket Association Strategic Plan and Nelson Female Cricket Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Oversee and implement the NCA ‘Centres of Influence’ programme to encourage more female volunteers and participants into the game of cricket including:
  • Establish a minimum of six school hubs, including scaffolding Teachers in Charge, providing assistance of teachers as coaches, influence parents to become part of the school and volunteer community.
  • Provide athlete and coach led delivery to participants involved in hub sessions.
  • Co-ordinate delivery of female student mentor coaching courses in schools.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to ensure greater female representation on club and school committees.
  • Lead Female Forums and collect voice of the participant data for planning and strategy.
  • Assist with implementing the ‘Female Volunteer’ section in the NCA volunteers’ plan to ensure recognition of female cricket volunteers.
  • Assist with all aspects of Nelson Cricket Association player pathway including:
    • Delivery of community engagement and awareness lessons.
    • Delivery of NZ Cricket and NCA coaching sessions including Super Starter Skills, Super Star Academy and TAPE BALL.
    • Cricket Festival Days.
    • Increasing female participation into mainstream formats – club and school.
    • Assist with existing female competition formats and investigate new playing and participation opportunities.
  • Nelson representative & development programme organisation and coaching/managing.
  • Organisation of Nelson summer camps



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