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Port Nelson – new commercial partner

We are thrilled to have Port Nelson join Nelson Cricket as a new partner, and we thank them for their support of cricket in our region. Port Nelson is sponsoring our Saturday morning junior cricket at Saxton Oval, along with the ever-growing modified formats that we are seeing in our game, such as Beach Cricket.

Here’s a message from their CEO, Martin Bryne :

“Port Nelson are very pleased to have come on board in partnership with NCA as a supporter of junior cricket in the region. We are very cognisant of the fact that as a business we are owned by the people of Nelson Tasman and when considering our sponsorship programme we have a particular interest around organisations and events focussing on the youth of the region.

As with many other sports in the country cricket faces challenges in terms of competing for people’s time and is evolving to reflect the time pressures that exist today. Anything that can get more kids involved with sport and out and active has to be seen as a positive, particularly when there are ongoing concerns over things like the increasing obesity rates in New Zealand.

Nelson Tasman is lucky to have some of the best weather in the country and the facilities here for playing cricket are superb. The recent addition of the superb indoor nets further add to these and are proving a great facility for training both in winter on and on the relatively few inclement days that we have.

We look forward to working closely with NCA to promote the growth of junior cricket in the region.”

Martin Byrne, Chief Executive, Port Nelson



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