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A winter of preparation and change….


It has been a winter of significant change for Nelson Cricket. Firstly, we welcomed two new staff.

Ryan Edwards began in the middle of May. Straight to an NZC conference and charged with implementing a new coaching strategy and delivering significant coaching programmes through the winter at our indoor centre. It has a been a very busy 5 months for Ryan without getting onto the pitch yet.

A very successful Future Griffins Academy was attended by over 70 junior players.

A comprehensive coach registration and development program is now being implemented to ensure players are safe and provided the appropriate level of coaching. This is a massive step forward for cricket which will result in improved player enjoyment and success.

Ben Eder started in late July as Cricket Operations Manager. It has been a baptism by fire for Ben with a huge amount of work over the past few months with competition structures and CLUB HUB.

Ben will be working with Clubs and schools to ensure we structure competitions and formats that are enjoyable and fun. A significant project this season is the full implementation of the NZC Age & Stage program. This redefines Primary and Intermediate age cricket with the focus on “Fun and Fast”.



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