• The Black Caps before taking the field against Sri Lanka at Saxton Oval, Jan 2015
  • Athletic College Old Boys celebrate winning the senior 50-over competition at Saxton Oval, Mar 2015
  • Action from junior cricket at Greenmeadows
  • Beach cricket festival.
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Strategic Report

Nelson Cricket Association






The mission of the Nelson Cricket Association is “Making cricket fun, successful and available to everyone in our Community”


The Nelson Cricket Strategic Plan is a living document and is reviewable by the Board at its discretion. The Plan is based on a Purpose, Goals (which are SMART) and three clear Visions which are the foundation of the strategy.




Our purpose is to be “an outstanding cricket organisation”.


We achieve our purpose by:


  • Providing vision, direction, guidance, support and innovative leadership to cricket at all levels throughout the Nelson region.
  • Stimulating the growth of the game by ensuring the traditional base at Clubs and schools remain strong while at the same time embracing alternative formats.
  • Developing a strong and sustainable commercial base
  • Administer, develop and promote the sport of cricket in the district.
  • Strengthen the quality of administration and governance of the Nelson Cricket Association.
  • Fostering a culture of excellence and accountability throughout cricket in Nelson.
  • To remain an active affiliate of the Central District Cricket Association and NZ Cricket.
  • Further developing our playing facilities.
  • Developing Saxton Oval to a point where International Cricket is played.
  • Delivering successful sports entertainment events
  • Improving the performance of all representative teams to a point where Nelson strongest minor cricket association in New Zealand.
  • Developing outstanding representative teams supported by high class elite player development programmes




Nelson Cricket have three clear Vision’s which we are looking to implement to deliver an improved Cricket Strategy to the Nelson Region.


The following summarises these Visions, and are the pillars of the Nelson Cricket Strategy.


  1. Top performing and financially secure organisation.
  2. Healthy Clubs and School Cricket programs with strong recruitment and representation at all levels, that includes pathways for players/coaches/officials. Representative teams and players that acquit themselves well.
  3. Outstanding fixtures, Saxton Field and NCA first choice amongst minor association venues for first class and international cricket.


The following supplies additional background around Vision Statement.


1.         Top performing and financially secure organisation


NCA’s ability to deliver cricket in Nelson depends on a strong commercial base. We must continue to generate increased support for the game, optimise revenues, manage costs and mitigate risks to ensure a strong future for the sport.


Financial Management


Optimise revenue opportunities through:

  • Sponsorship
  • Events
  • Gate receipts
  • Funding organisations
  • New revenue streams
  • Optimising the mutual value of all commercial partnerships
  • Appropriately prioritise resources and prudently manage costs
  • Build up appropriate levels of financial reserves.




  • Uphold and promote the values associated with the spirit of cricket
  • Have an open and honest organisation that consistently acts with integrity
  • Maximise public support for cricket through effective communication programmes
  • Grow NZC brands through effective commercial programmes
  • Deliver outstanding sports entertainment events.


Risk Management


  • Ensure best practice in the governance and management
  • Operate effective organisational risk identification, assessment and mitigation programmes.

2.         Healthy Clubs and School Cricket programs with strong recruitment and representation at all levels, which includes pathways for players/coaches/officials. Representative teams and players that acquit themselves well.


Growing our Player base and Support Infrastructure


  • Create promotional and educational programmes to raise the profile of the game of cricket within the community
  • Continue to attract and recruit participants into the game, including Maori, Pacific peoples and other ethnic groups
  • Provide support services for players at all levels through the provision of quality administrators, coaches, umpires, scorers and statisticians and clear pathways and opportunities for their training.
  • Retain players in the game, with an emphasis on secondary and post-secondary school players and their successful transition to club cricket.
  • Enhance and modify the game by increasing its formats, flexibility and appeal for all participants and to revitalise schools and clubs by improving their structures and organisation.
  • Provide appropriate information, assistance and support to keep schools and clubs healthy and build strong links between them, to aid and recognise volunteers, and to optimise facility development.



  • Develop a network of specialist coaches who work throughout Nelson to advance targeted talent from school to representative level
  • Improve the quality of coaches and coaching outcomes at all levels
  • Facilitate a cultural shift in coaching so that coaches give and expect world’s best performance.


Team Management & Support


  • Develop high quality team management structures and personnel
  • Ensure team support and services cover all the requirements of modern elite sport
  • Develop and maintain healthy team environments.


Grounds & Umpires


  • Ensure we have high quality cricket facilities and highly performing umpires.



The Nelson senior rep team is NCA’s flagship team. Nelson should be a significant source of first class cricketers for Central Districts. The success of this team and producing first class players is important to the growth of cricket in Nelson and our underlying business. All our energies in high performance are directed towards the performance of this elite team and players which are an integral part of our High Performance Programme.


Elite Players


  • Identify talented players who can represent Nelson and could play first class cricket.
  • Ensure targeted player development programmes are in place supported by high quality local and representative competitions.
  • Partner with the New Zealand Cricket Players Association (NZCPA) to advance players holistically.


3          Outstanding fixtures, Saxton Oval and Nelson first choice amongst minor association venues for first class and international cricket. 


  • Develop Saxon Oval to a point that regular First Class & International Cricket is played.
  • Saxon Oval to have high utilisation all year round.
  • Saxon Oval provides a significant asset to all the people of Nelson.
  • Oval provides significant commercial opportunities to Nelson Cricket especially with First Class & potentially International fixtures. These opportunities need to be maximised both financially and to raise the profile of cricket within the region.



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